Orthognathic Surgery

The course of treatment for orthognathic surgery will involve fees that may be eligible for coverage from provincial health care or dental insurance or both.

In most cases of orthognathic surgery, the application of braces will be essential if treatment has not already commenced. The fees for your orthodontic treatment are not included in the fees for orthognathic surgery and are not eligible for OHIP benefits.

During the hospitalization for surgery, the hospital bed and nursing care as well as the surgeons’ and anesthetists’ fees will be covered by provincial health care. There are certain aspects of the surgery, however, which may not be covered. These include the removal of teeth, the excision of impacted teeth and any cosmetic procedures done adjunctively. The anesthetist as well has the privilege of billing you for that portion of the anesthetic involving the surgery that is not eligible for OHIP benefit.

Please contact our office for more information.

Please note that the fees will be billed to you directly, and private insurance may not cover all of the fees estimated.